Junk Car

Reasons why you should junk your car

Your junk car in DetroitThere are over 253 million roadworthy cars being driven across America. And the average is approximately 11.5 years. Of course, many car owners drive their “babies” far longer than that. At one point or another, many of the roadworthy vehicles end up in driveways, garages, or otherwise take up valuable space on yours or someone else's property. And in some cases, the continual care and hoarding of these eventual clunkers can even cause relationship trouble. If only car owners knew how easy it is to sell their junk cars for cash. So then, what should you do with your junk car?

You Can Try to Sell Your Car to Another Driver

Someone’s always in the market for a great deal on a new car, right? Well, yes, on a new car. Many people will even snatch up a moderately aged vehicle with the right price tag. But a junk car is far more difficult to peddle for cash to a private buyer. And while those dings, noises, and various leaks may be charming to you, chances are they’re deal breakers to potential buyers. If there’s any chance you’ll need to put more into your car than what you’ll get out of it or even break even, you should consider an alternate solution.

You Can Recycle a Junk Car

According to some reports, almost 98% of a car can be recycled, but others insist that number’s closer to 80%. Nonetheless, it’s a significant amount of material to leave rotting behind in a landfill. Recycling a single car saves 2500 pounds of iron, 1400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. Fluids can be neutralized or reused, rubber tires can be recycled, plastic and glass can be melted down and reused, and metals can be smelted and purified.

That leads to a 97% reduction in mining waste, 86% reduction in air pollution, and 75% reduction in energy costs over creating new materials for the auto industry. Twenty-five cars are recycled per minute, providing 25 million tons of recycled materials and adding $25 billion to America’s GDP every year. If you know how to pick apart junk cars and recycle them for parts, you can potentially make a really decent living recycling junk cars for cash.

You Can Scrap Your Junk Car for Cash and Call it a Day

There are a number of reasons a previously beloved vehicle becomes a junk car. Maybe it’s been through several accidents and the repair costs have exceeded its value. Perhaps the car has far too many miles on it to run safely anymore. And in many cases, the car may look fine and still refuse to run at all. If your car is unable to perform its job safely and get you where you need to go, it’s a junk car. And at that point, a good scrap car can easily take it off your hands for cash.

The best scrap yards offer a full-service solution to your needs. Can’t drive it in? They’ll tow your vehicle for free. Need up to $500 cash on the spot? No problem. Just sign over the title and they’ll pay you hard, cold cash on the spot for your clunker. All you have to do is make the phone call and prove you’re the owner to sell your junk car for cash today.